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CHOKEVILLE is a novel by Joshua Allen, who is me, I am writing this sentence. I’d like to get it published and am looking for a literary agent. It’s 80,000 words (the right number of words) but here’s a shorter summary...

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Ever since she was a little kid, Batya has worked as hired muscle in her hometown of Fort Hook, a hardboiled port city filled with cutthroats and wraiths and dipshits.

Then one afternoon she’s kidnapped by Mina, her estranged sister and ex-partner. Turns out Mina’s big mouth got her in trouble (as usual). Now she needs to deliver a very tiny envelope to a very cursed ship, and she needs Batya’s muscle to help her pull it off.

the sisters

Boo hoo, right? Doesn’t sound like a Batya problem to me. Well, the thing is she would pretty much die for her rude bossy sister, so she foolishly agrees to get the team back together. And this gets them entangled in the underbelly of a town that’s basically all underbelly.

Is there a naked fish-man oracle? Sure. What about an even more naked shipwright? Also yes. A money launderer turned crab chef, a pirate queen turned beverage company CEO, a talking severed hand, a surly sea hag, a lonesome deer demon, a stupidly sharp sword, a hot tub sniper, whatever that is? Yes! What about a baroness who’s extremely pregnant with a ghost baby? Of course.

OK, but will Batya and Mina survive this asinine adventure? Will they survive the sisterly grudges that keep cropping up at the worst possible moment? And what about that cod tsunami at the end, will they survive that? Does it even matter? Let’s find out.

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If you’d like to discuss this lucrative project, please drop me a line:
»  josh at fireland dot com  «

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Illustration / JENNY PANUSH